Mopoke Espresso Blend

Mopoke Espresso Blend

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The Mopoke Espresso Blend was created by The Bean Barn and is named after one of Ballarat's rich gold leads. It is our house coffee which we use on a daily basis at The Bean Barn. As the name suggests, it is a fantastic espresso coffee, but is a great all-raounder and works well with milk based coffees as well.


Sydney Royal Fine Food Fair:

Champion Coffee, 2013
Gold Medal (Milk Based Coffee) 2013
Silver Medal (Milk Based Coffee) 2011

Royal Hobart Fine Food Show
Bronze Medal

Golden Bean Coffee Roaster Competition

Silver medal (Milk Based Coffee) 2008
Bronze Medal (Milk Based Coffee) 2009/2010,
Bronze medal (Milk Based Coffee) 2010/2011


Medium to Strong

Tasting Notes

A full bodied blend with well pronounced acidity and sweetness. Notes of bittersweet seville orange, marmalde, marzipan, stewed apple and spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon. The finish is smooth, clean and sweet and has a long finish.

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